A buck is simply not a buck everywhere

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The same $100 bill buys different amounts in each of the 50 states. That shouldn’t surprise anybody. A two-bedroom apartment in Mississippi costs about $769 per month, according to MyApartmentMap.com. The same unit would cost about $2,785 in New York. A gallon of gas costs $1.81 in South Carolina, according to gasbuddy.com. It costs $2.32 in Utah and $2.74 in Hawaii. Those figures have a significant impact on … Continue reading»

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. (Photo through Creative Commons)

Not long ago, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, “We are not the Clinton administration.” In one particular sense, she is right. Jewell’s comment was in response to Herbert’s concerns that the Obama administration plans to designate a new Bears Ears national monument in Utah. Republican leaders in the state remember how, 20 years ago, President Bill Clinton stunned them by declaring the Grand Staircase-Escalante … Continue reading»

Are killer trees all around us, waiting to pounce?


People tend to feel uneasy about things over which they have no control. It can be difficult, therefore, to read the tragic story out of Provo on Monday concerning two young boys who were seriously injured when a tree fell on the tent they shared with the rest of their family. We naturally feel unease. Perhaps “fear” is a better word. How many trees do you walk under … Continue reading»

Utah’s lieutenant governor goes viral

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox

  It’s amazing what happens when a politician goes off-script, so to speak, and says something noble and from the heart. You can almost hear the sighs of relief from coast to coast. The speech Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox gave Monday at a Salt Lake memorial for the victims of the Orlando massacre has gone viral, most likely because of its obvious sincerity and because what he … Continue reading»

Coffee, tea, or you wanna piece of me?


Americans have become somewhat used to seeing headlines like this recent one from the Chicago Sun-Times: “Chicagoans help subdue unruly passenger on detoured United flight.” Some passenger goes nuts — in this case a woman who started snatching necklaces off people, including a flight attendant — and flight crew members cooperate with Good Samaritan passengers to subdue the agitator until the plane lands safely. It happened again Sunday … Continue reading»

Don’t get government involved in BYU-Utah rivalry


When you wield a hammer, it must be such a temptation to start whacking away at all kinds of things that annoy you. Greg Hughes has a hammer, figuratively. He has a literal gavel as speaker of the House in the Utah Legislature. The hammer he wields is the political clout to shape the direction of lawmaking in the state. Hughes told reporters this week he has heard … Continue reading»

Utah ranks surprisingly high as a good place to be a teacher


If you were asked to guess where Utah ranks on a survey of the best states for teachers, my guess is you would score it somewhere closer to the bottom than the top. In Utah, an aggressive teachers’ union has conditioned us to believe it can’t get much worse than here. But Wallet Hub ranked the state 14th best in a study released this week. (See an interactive … Continue reading»