Think this election is bad? Remember 1872?

Ulysses S. Grant

Whatever may be said of the dismal choices voters face in this year’s presidential election, at least nobody’s running mate got so drunk at a campaign event that he tried to butter a watermelon. That happened in 1872, which could be a good answer to the question, when have you ever seen such a dismal choice for the White House? Maybe you could argue things weren’t as bad … Continue reading»

How much will you pay in taxes after the election?


How much would you pay in taxes should either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton become president? The question is, of course, not so simple. Either one would need cooperation from Congress to enact his or her plan, so reality may vary considerably from current campaign promises. However, I came across this nifty calculator, supplied by the non-partisan Tax Foundation, a Washington-based research group. Just plug in your numbers … Continue reading»


Would Utah benefit from a version of Casey’s Law in Kentucky, which allows people to more easily order involuntary drug treatment for their adult children? Police are in the middle of an ongoing campaign to arrest people causing trouble in the Rio Grande area of Salt Lake City – and area that could compare with any of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the country. As of the end … Continue reading»

Utah is a bad state for teachers? Think again

Schoolchildren and their teacher reading in primary class

If you’re used to hearing bad news about public education in Utah — teachers are underpaid and in short supply, classrooms are too crowded, politicians don’t care, etc. — here’s a switch. Wallet Hub just released a study that ranks Utah ninth in the nation on a list of the best states for teachers. Low teacher pay is not unique to Utah. The study ranked the five states … Continue reading»

A-leppo into the abyss?


Goodbye 15 percent? Or …? When you’re the Libertarian candidate for president, it’s hard enough to be taken seriously, even if you do and say everything right. But in a year when many Americans seem dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson has been enjoying unprecedented support (for a Libertarian). Until Thursday morning. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway. Don’t be so quick to buy it. … Continue reading»

If Trump is elected, I’ll … I’ll … I’ll ….


It’s September of another presidential year, which means it’s time for celebrities to announce they’ll leave the country if the Republican is elected. This might actually affect the vote (in which direction is unclear), except that none of them has carried out previous such threats. Beyond the question of partisanship — I certainly am not endorsing Trump — shouldn’t public figures be held to answer for promises they make … Continue reading»


That James Buchanan is considered the worst U.S. president ever is hardly a new idea. Earlier this year, the National Constitution Center published a piece on the growing consensus against the 15th president, noting several reasons — he influenced and defended the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, which made slavery purely a states rights issue and fanned the flames of war, he pushed to allow slavery in the … Continue reading»

What to do about the costly EpiPen?


With the price of the Epipen jumping by leaps and bounds, I took advantage of Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s visit to the combined Deseret News/KSL editorial boards on Monday to ask what he thought. Lee, a strong believer in the free market and in limited government, said the government “certainly has an interest in making sure there is competition” in the pharmaceutical market. He then turned the conversation … Continue reading»