Like Frankenstein, or Lazarus, Simpson-Bowles lives again

Against all odds, the report by the president’s bipartisan commission on debt reform — the one Barack Obama dismissed and ignored last year — may end up coming back and saving the day. For that to happen, however, a lot of people are going to have to willingly rewrite history, even as they ignore loud, screaming special interests. Continue reading»

Mitt Romney had no sooner announced his choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate last weekend when my inbox started to fill. There wasn’t a surprise to be found. Utah’s Democratic party said “…Utah seniors must now prepare a … Continue reading»

Whose budget will the Romney-Ryan ticket campaign on?

Mitt Romney seemed to back away from his new running mate’s famous budget plan over the weekend, saying, “I have my budget plan.” But his plans differ from Paul Ryan’s in some ways, most notably regarding the future of the Defense Department. Romney needs to make clear exactly where the ticket stands. Continue reading»