We’re No. 1! Utah tops list of nation’s most humble social media posters

Here’s something Utahns can brag about:  They are the most humble people in the nation.


Only 22 percent of people from Utah who use social media fill their Facebook pages, Instagram posts and Tweets with reminders about how wonderful they are. These include endless photos from their vacations to exotic places, boasts about a memorable event they attended or an encounter with someone famous, or other “brag-ommendations.” (I’m not sure whether wedding or delivery room photos count.)

“Brag-ommendation” is a word invented by the folks at the social sharing site heylets.com (as in “Hey, let’s!”). They’re the ones who came up with the rankings by polling 2,500 social media users nationwide about their online habits. People were asked about how often they post awesome stuff about themselves, an email from the site said.

Utah finished first on the humble scale, or last on the most braggadocios scale, just beating out the slightly more boastful people of Oregon (with 26 percent such posts).

Here’s the most-humble top-20:

#1:  Utah (22%)

#2:  Oregon (26%)

#3:  South Carolina (33%)

#4:  Kansas (34%)

#5:  Arizona (34%)

#6:  Arkansas (37%)

#7:  Pennsylvania (39%)

#8:  Massachusetts (40%)

#9:  Rhode Island (40%)

#10:  Wisconsin (41%)

#11:  Connecticut (43%)

#12:  Ohio (44%)

#13:  North Carolina (45%)

#14:  Maine (46%)

#15:  Michigan (47%)

#16:  Tennessee (47%)

#17:  Missouri (48%)

#18:  Louisiana (48%)

#19:  Mississippi (49%)

#20:  Iowa (49%)

It could be that Utahns are just living up to their modest and mostly religious reputation. Then again, it could be they just save it all up for their annual Christmas letters.

Meanwhile, to perhaps no one’s surprise, California was ranked as the most boastful state, with 77 percent of its social posts having some element of self-promotion.

The boastful rankings:

#1:  California (77%)

#2:  Washington (76%)

#3:  Nevada:  (72%)

#4:  Maryland  (70%)

#5:  New Hampshire (69%)

#6:  Illinois (67%)

#7:  Virginia (66%)

#8:  Oklahoma (64%)

#9:  New Jersey (60%)

#10: New York (58%)

#11:  South Dakota (57%)

#12:  Delaware (57%)

#13:  Colorado (55%)

#14:  Alabama (55%)

#15:  Kentucky (54%)

#16:  Indiana (53%)

#17:  Georgia (52%)

#18:  Minnesota (52%)

#19:  Florida (51%)

#20:  Texas (51%)

You decide which type of people you’d rather be stuck with at a party.

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