‘Pocket dialing’ — a cop’s best friend

Two guys in Fresno made headlines this week when one of them accidentally “pocket dialed” 911 while they were breaking into a car to allegedly steal prescription drugs and other things.

Cell Phone Threat
An alert dispatcher stayed on the line and listened to the crime in progress, honed in on the phone’s location and sent a squad car out to catch the startled criminals.
Apparently, this isn’t a rare, quirky thing. It happens a lot. The second video below reports that one-third of calls to 911 dispatchers some from inside someone’s pants.
Before viewing the videos, consider other ways in which criminals are more consciously stupid. This story talks about one who posted his alleged deeds on Facebook. He’s not alone, either.
What’s wrong with these people? Does the criminal mind have no respect for the concept of not getting caught these days?
Here’s a video about the Fresno guys:

And, just to prove my statement that this sort of thing happens all the time, here is a news report from a couple of months ago about a meth deal that was exposed in a similar manner.
For criminals, a phone can be a pain in the rear.

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