On Second Thought for April 22, 2013

On Second Thought is a weekly feature that takes a lighthearted look at current events.
Samoa Air has started charging people by their weight. This presents a new option for shy single people on Internet dating sites. From now on, just list your height, eye color and airfare to Apia.
Maybe the airline can offer aerobics classes at departure gates for those looking for a quick discount.
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An opinion poll found most Americans would not want to pay by weight for their flight, but they sure wish the guy hogging the middle seat next to them would.
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Google has agreed to take Provo’s ill-fated fiber optic system off its hands and provide mostly free Internet for everyone. There are some conditions, but they’re minor. I’m sure people will eventually get used being known as residents of Googleville.
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The FCC received a lot of criticism last week for its proposal to loosen its standards and allow fleeting nudity and obscenity on television. It responded by saying @!&*#!.
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FCC officials apparently worry too many adults feel deprived by the lack of quality, thought-provoking fleeting nudity and obscenity in their entertainment.
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Next month will mark 52 years since then-FCC chairman Newton Minow declared television a “vast wasteland.” All in all, I’d rather have a wasteland than a sewage dump.
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How many times have you heard people say, “That was an OK show, but I wish it had more fleeting obscenities and nudity”?
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NASA announced last week it has discovered two planets that may be ideal for supporting life. The best news? Officials said nothing about intelligent life, meaning these may be ideal for most of us.
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The two planets are next to each other. One is warm like Hawaii. The other is cold like Alaska. If there is life there, I can guess which planet is the most popular.
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The chief scientist in charge of the telescope that found the planets said if they do contain life, “it must be very advanced.” You mean there’s something better than HDTV?

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