Smile! You're on candid camera

Salt Lake City police have installed four cameras in Pioneer Park, one on each side. It’s the latest attempt to clean up an historic park that, for decades, has been a cesspool of drugs and mischief.

Civil libertarians, of course, are bothered. The ACLU raised the specter of “big brother.”
I used to have those concerns, too. But now it’s useless to worry. Have you ever counted how many times during a day you have at least a bit part in someone’s video? Virtually every time you enter a private business, use an ATM or walk down the street, someone gathers a record of it. If it isn’t on some official surveillance camera, you can be sure a bunch of cell phones are standing at the ready to put you on YouTube the second you do something stupid.
Salt Lake is actually behind the curve on this. Here’s a story out of Chicago on Mayor Daley’s plan to put a camera on every street corner.
With so many electronic eyes watching, no one is really watching. If there really were people behind all those cameras, unemployment wouldn’t be a problem.
You tell me, do we have reason to worry?

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